Great Classified Bordeaux under $100/btl?

Classic Bordeaux

Having developed my palate with California wines, the last five years I have been on a mission to find aged Classified Bordeaux I enjoy under $100 and trying to justify the value vs. old world style blends out of California. These selections are based on my personal palate and preferences and were purchased under $100/btl…

2006 Pontet Canet

The clear winner. Lighter more refined Old World character, but still fruit forward. Fantastic balance with great structure.

Leoville Barton, Rauzan Segla

Honorable mention.

Napa Equivalents to Classic Bordeaux

Here is the problem – for every enjoyable aged Classified Bordeaux under $100, there is a California equivalent for at least 25% less. In my opinion, the closest Napa producers to Old World European styles are in the Howell Mountain area.

2006 Ladera

The clear New World winner. Similar to Pontet Canet, a lighter more refined style, but still fruit forward. Good balance with great structure.

Anderson’s Conn Valley and Seavey

Very old world, very good AND 25% less.

Justify Paying $100+/btl for Bordeaux?

Is there a justification for paying the premium? In my case, I buy a small selection of Bordeaux… just to be able to compare and add diversity to my cellar.

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