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Just thought I would share a little excerpt from the other passion in our lives…

Our Honeymoon 2005

Alaska, Russell Fjord National Wilderness 

Hubbard Glacier

My wife and I celebrated our honeymoon for two weeks in this wild and beautiful place and had the adventure of a lifetime. We are no longer physically able to handle these trips, but we are so glad we had the good judgement to experience them while we still could. We have so many photos of this trip and the many others, where we were dropped-in by float plane to access deep wilderness locations in Alaska.

Grizzlies and Black Bear everywhere. The Wildlife:

IMG_0632 enh

Three to five thousand foot cliff faces on each side in Nunatak Fjord, with hanging glaciers. The Fjords:

IMG_0705A enh

The amazing colors of the wildflowers. The Plantlife:


Shooting Gilbert Point Gap, when it was less than 1/2 mile wide. See the link: http://ak.water.usgs.gov/glaciology/hubbard/photos/eastward_detail.htm.       The Adventure:


Watching the thousand foot tall Hubbard Glacier calving from less than 1/4 mile distance. The Awe-Inspiring Scenery:

IMG_0815 enh

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