The New American Way – Intolerance?

I want to thank everyone for their recent comments regarding my latest post.  Many of you copied me on links to other commentary about the same event from last February.  My piece was more about why a trade periodical would place the topic of “cheap” wine served at the White House on a 2014 Top Ten Most Important Wine Events list.  Although, working my way through the other posts (especially Dr. Vino) highlighted strong opposing viewpoints and spilled over into party politics…  prompting me to share with you my greatest concern regarding the future of our country…


Pervasive Intolerance

Shock jocks and political commentators have changed the framework for debate regarding important issues in this country and it has spilled over into every aspect of our lives. Polarized views, intolerance and failure to compromise are now the hallmark of the American Way.  Our government is full of misguided politicians that believe the U.S. governing process is about catering to the extremes of each party (viewed as their core constituency), rather than the larger, more moderate middle.

Growing Apathy?

I don’t know about all of you, but doesn’t it seem like this current direction is actually building apathy and resignation within the general public, NOT engaging more people in the process?  The internet seems to encourage this kind of extremism on all sorts of issues, including… in this case wine?  I write about wine.  There couldn’t be a more varied topic, especially in relation to the diverse personal tastes that can influence opinions.  There is no right, or wrong.  The topic should generate discussion, NOT strong opposing viewpoints.

How Do We Change This Direction?

I wish I knew the answer.  Perhaps, it is more required education in ethics, values and the arts in college curriculums?  I wish I had the answer… Since when did tolerance go out of style?

I apologize for such a negative topic on such a festive occasion, but I didn’t want to leave the response to comments for after the Holidays…  BTW, most of the activity on my blog originates with click-thrus from the other sites I post on.  Merry Christmas everyone!


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3 responses to “The New American Way – Intolerance?

  1. Mike and Peter, thanks for the comments.
    Mike, I would typically agree with you regarding “follow the money”… but there seems to be a twist these days. The first step to our current situation was definitely the Supreme Court decision to allow unlimited, undisclosed PAC spending on political campaigns. Although, there seems to be a change in party politics these days, beyond private investment in politics. The current extremism in both parties makes it impossible for moderates to successfully navigate past the primary process. The candidates reaching general elections currently, are incapable of governing in the best interest of the people. The answer in the U.S. may be to have more than two political parties… Sorry for the heavy topic during the Holidays and… I diverge from the purpose of the blog. Time to get back to WINE!


  2. Mike Mora

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
    Upton Sinclair
    The idea that it was ever any different than when the above quote was written in 1935.
    Follow the money and dollars to donuts you’ll understand the stated position of most commentary. Then again there’re always nut job zealots, but that another quote for another time . . .


  3. Peter Morrell

    Spot on. In politics, wine, everything.